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Unless Your Burger Weighs More Than Your Cat, You’re Not Doing It Right

Unless Your Burger Weighs More Than Your Cat, You’re Not Doing It Right

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Yes, that IS a saw you see me with, and yes, I DO still have both my hands and all of my fingers. But we’ll get to that later.

Burger & Beer Jointthe beloved franchise serving up gourmet burgers as well as burgers with all kinds of custom toppings, has found its new home in the Delray Marketplace, as part of Frank’s Cinebowlaka the movie theater where you can bowl, drink alcoholic beverages, devour two large popcorns (if you’re me), watch a movie, and now, binge on burgers (so yes, Heaven).

I was invited in with the promise of The Motherburger, a 10lb burger that you have to see to believe. But we’ll get to that later. We gotta build up to that. There’s plenty of foodie foreplay before we get to main show. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Ahi Tuna Tacos, made with hili garlic aioli, jalapeño salsa, cilantro, and guacamole. I loved the crispy wonton shell and thought it was a fun play on all the ahi tuna dishes I am used to. The flavors were bold and the shell gave it that perfect crunch.

The cocktail menu shows the fun attitude of the restaurant and features drinks like the Day Tripper, Comfortably Numb, and Addicted to Love Margarita. I immediately went for the Red Hot Rosie, appropriately named because this sassy lady was filled with Herradura tequila,  fresh strawberries, and ginger beer. As the menu describes, she is “spicy and sweet”,  and I would definitely go on a second date with her.

And then, it was burger time. But before we moved into the real meat, we started with the Dr. Feelgood, a 7 oz. house made veggie burger (toasted rainbow quinoa, smoked cumin beans, roasted red peppers, and oats), with roasted red pepper & corn salsa, manchego cheese, basil-mint pesto, served on a brioche bun with country ranch and a side of zucchini fries. Yes, the magic word fries appeared, and my eyes immediately lit up. This might be one of the only ways to get me to eat zucchini (the other is to pay me) and they were phenomenal. They tasted tempura battered, not overly breaded or greasy. As for the burger? I am NOT a veggie burger fan. The stuff that restaurants and brands like Morningstar throw in there is enough to turn me off to vegetables forever. But THIS veggie patty mix packed very different ingredients than the typical black bean burger, and was so tasty. Like I legit would potentially maybe walk in and order it over a real burger one day. Maybe. Ok fine – I love my red meat too much to give it up. But if you’re not an addict like me, this is the choice for you, and truly anyone can enjoy it.

What’s one way to get me to love a burger? Name it after a Beatles song. What’s an even better way? To make it so delicious and juicy that I happily sit there with drool running down my face. The Hey Jude is a 1/2 lb. chicken burger served with thick sliced applewood smoked bacon, Havarti cheese, and avocado on whole wheat bun with honey mustard and sweet potato fries. Of course the fries were great; they’re sweet potato fries, how do you go wrong?? But the chicken burger is the star of this show. Although the ingredients may seem simple, it is how mouth-wateringly well the meat is cooked that made every bite stand out to me. By the way, B&B’s menu has a beer suggestion for each burger, which is super helpful for those who don’t know beer well. It’s like a “Beer For Dummies” book right on the menu.

Speaking of drinks, it was about that time to chug another cocktail…. I mean, politely sip on another cocktail for research purposes. I switched it up with the “Addicted to Love” which is appropriate because I’m addicted to alcohol (Mom, I know you’re reading this, I’m joking, this is just how bloggers keep people’s attention). It’s made with Boodles Gin, watermelon, cucumber, lime juice, and sour mix, and just like their menu states, even gin haters will get addicted, and it’s true. The watermelon and the cucumber are so refreshing, you’d almost think you were doing a juice cleanse!

The last burger before the Motherburger was the Mustang Sally, which I enjoyed so much that I completely forgot to take a picture of it. A food blogger forgetting to take a picture is about as useless as psychiatrist forgetting to write a prescription (I mean c’mon, I’m not here to talk about my feelings), so shame on me, but that just shows you how quickly I devoured it. So enjoy this photo of the burger, courtesy of The Buzz Agency. The Mustang Sally is a 1/2 lb. wagyu beef patty with red onion marmalade, brie cheese, and sliced prosciutto on a brioche bun with skinny fries. Hells. Yes. If I thought the Hey Jude was juicy, this burger gives it a run for the money. This burger literally melted in my mouth, and I’m not using literally as liberally as a Kardashian – it LITERALLY melted in my mouth. You might think a burger joint inside a movie theater would have decent burgers, but you wouldn’t expect them to be so gourmet – but they are, better than some of the restaurants you would find on The Ave.

It wouldn’t be a real chowdown with out some mac, so we were also served the Big Daddy Mac N’ Cheese, a blend of three cheese mornay sauce, panko bread crumbs, & parmesan cheese. If you don’t have room for this, make room. The cheesy goodness is worth having to buy a new pair of pants for. Speaking of making room,  it was Motherburger time.

First, let’s start with the procession. What other burger do you know that gets it’s own procession?! I guess it makes sense when you think about it, all the best things in this world get their own parade – Thanksgiving, the gays, the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies – so why not this burger? Go on Motherburger – you deserve your parade. Go on and werk it.

Then, after the sexy beast of a burger made it’s grand entrance, it was time for it to show us what it’s got. Just as everything with this burger, nothing is normal, so of course it had to be cut with a saw. Of course.

And then, the moment I had been waiting for – the taste test. But first, a few quick facts about the Motherburger:

1) The Motherburger is a 10-pound angus beef patty, with a 2 lb bun and is legitimately the size of a manhole.
2) You can add you choice of cheese and toppings, so all-in-all the burger ends up weighing about 18lbs (My cat is 15lbs, for reference).
3) The burger costs $150 and feeds 12-13 people, or if you’re like my friends, more  like 4-5. However, if you demolish it all by yourself within two hours, it’s completely free!

And so as for the taste? See for yourself how I got right in there! Yum! While the Mustang Sally certainly was juicier and had a little more flavor, everything about the Motherburger has the WOW factor – just like Disneyworld, or Tinder, it’s something you gotta just try once.

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.

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