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Home – Not Where The Heart Is. It’s Where The Fab Decor Is.

Home – Not Where The Heart Is. It’s Where The Fab Decor Is.

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Growing up, most girls my age played with Barbie and spent their playtime coming up with storylines for her and Ken and their romance and family. Not me. I had a 3-story Barbie mansion, and that betch was an independent woman who earned her home all by herself and enjoyed the heck out of it. I spent my days dreaming of my future dream home, and to this day, I still fantasize about my future palace.

Full disclosure – while I have a flair for clothing fashion, my interior decorating skills fall flat. I can drool over Insta pics posted by realtors and interior decorators, and I fall in love with each and every beautiful room. But when it comes to doing it myself, I have about as much knowledge as if you asked me to fix a flat tire or name our current Vice President (okay I actually can do that but only because of Saturday Night Live sketches). This is the reason that interior decorators and design professionals are so crucial, and let me tell you, if you want the best of the best, then they better be in touch with The Design Center of the Americas. I was fortunate enough to get a #BTS (that’s “Behind The Scenes” – use it with your grandkids to make you look “with it”) look at their Winter Market Tech + Technique conference, and I still have stars in my eyes when I think back on the beauty that I saw.

Walking in to DCOTA, the first thing to catch my eye was this Hershey Kiss lookin’ chair. As someone who always strives for the unique (just check out my Blue Nissan Cube), I immediately was drawn to this. And by drawn to it, I mean I needed a Insta pic.

I would carry this thing home on my back in the sweltering heat if I needed to. Love at first sight DOES exist. While I was busy being enchanted, one of the friendly employees was nice enough to educate me on their brand. The company is called Dedon and every single piece that they sell is handwoven in the Philippines. They revolutionized hand-woven pieces, and there is truly nothing else like it on the market.

This piece is called “The Orbit.” I could pretty much live the rest of my life sprawled out on this thing, as long as Uber Eats would deliver right to it. Unique, trendy, and comfy AF.

One thing that I fantasize about more than the perfect husband (or maybe even more than the perfect french fry) is a perfect kitchen – and Florense somehow found a way into my head to bring that vision to life. Not only do their kitchens make me drool, but I can also feel like an upstanding citizen knowing that EVERYTHING that they do is green. Florense has taken all the steps, from using raw materials, to purifying and then recycling water, to even making sure that sawdust is burned with special pollutant gas filters. Every time you cook, you’re basically saving the world one pot roast at a time. You go, you.

Another designer that truly caught my eye was Beltempo, which is crafted exclusively by genius Marco Sangiorgi. His gorgeous woodwork promises to bring a sense of nature to the home, so when your S.O. keeps bugging you to go camping, just buy one of his pieces, claim you’re in touch with the outdoors, and call it a day.

Actual footage of me trying to ignore responsibilities and lounge in one of his creations all day.

With 3 different floors of specialty designers, DCOTA brings endless possibilities to your own heaven on earth – aka your home. If your decorating professional missed this year’s Winter Market, I highly urge you to get them in on the next conference and if they resist, then you need to dump them quicker than Brad dropped Jen for Angelina, and find someone who has been educated with DCOTA. Home CAN be where the heart is – but only if you put that heart into the designs of your dreams.


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