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Warning: This Post About Delray Beach Fashion Week May Result In Sudden Shopping Binge

Warning: This Post About Delray Beach Fashion Week May Result In Sudden Shopping Binge


If you need to borrow from a friend, max out credit cards, take a mortgage out on your house – whatever you need to do, find some cash, and find it fast, because Delray Fashion Week was here, and you are going to need these designs in your life.

The first event I attended (which was not the first event of Fashion Week – I couldn’t make all the events because, well, sometimes media dinners win out over fashion, which is probably why I don’t look like the gorgeous models you’re about to see) was the “Delray Beach Designers” Runway Show, hosted at Il Bacio and Prime Delray, and emceed by Amanda Perna, of Project Runway fame, and Jules Guaglardi, owner of local boutique Roxy Lulu, who was rocking a FIERCE skirt from the store (see below, photo courtesy of Roxy Lulu Facebook).

The event was a White Party theme, which typically makes me nervous because I’m just as klutzy as I am hungry. But I stocked my purse with Tide wipes, threw on a trendy FAUX fur jacket, grabbed my G-Hub, master stylist Collin Santini, downed a couple of glasses of champs, and hit the road…. but literally hit it, because no sooner did I walk one block, the heel fell off of my platform. This is a lesson to not keep cheap shoes for over 10 years. Closet cleanses are a must. Luckily, I was literally just one block from home, so I quickly changed shoes and went back on my way. I told you I’m klutzy.

I could sit here and write about the show, but trust me, it is MUCH more entertaining to watch our live broadcast. By the way, my outfit is head-to-toe Forever 21minus the vest, which oddly enough is from a 70’s Halloween costume that I bought from Yandy.
Enjoy the show, which features local designers:
Jules Guaglardi – Roxy LuLu; Lizzi Lambert – Haystacks; Ronald Furst – Furst Handbags; Stephanie Graniero – Oh My Bod; Arianne Brown – Ramona LaRue; Jen Scoz and Hawk Stillwind – House of Zen Dali; Jelena Lovric – LoveRich Boutique; Glavidia Alexis – Glavidia Hair Studios; and Jully Ortega – The Sandy Shoppe.

Enjoy it? Have you spent any money yet?? You’ll note that I strategically placed the links to all of their website above, right? Mwahahahah.

Me with my GHub – Stylist Collin Santini, and Amanda Perna

Day 2 of Delray Beach Fashion Week for me consisted of the “Tropical Paradise” Resort Wear Fashion Show and Luncheon, hosted at Che Restaurant. While most people took the cue to dress in their favorite resort wear, I of course wanted to stand out, and since it was a brisk 70-something degrees, I decided to go with winter wear. I got this outrageous Cynthia Steffe dress last year, and have since only had one occasion that fit it, so I was psyched to break it out again. Since MY personal theme was over-the-top, I also chose a necklace given to me by my mom (sorry, I have no idea where it’s from, my mom is not a labels gal) that I have also only worn once, because not many events are special enough for a necklace like this (disclaimer, sometimes I DO get dressed up just to put away dishes or laundry, because I am an effing diva princess). Follow it up with some Nine West boots and bam, outfit complete. I do think, however, next year, that it would be great to go shopping ahead of time and show up in something from one of the many local designers. You’ll see why when you check out these looks and how intensely fab they are!

Dress by Roxy LuLu 

I already told you I was obsessed with Jules’s, (owner of Roxy Lulu) skirt, so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite looks was from there. I think lats are the new booty, so I’m a HUGE fan of showing them off in a backless dress, and I LOVE the detail just above the booty. Major attention getter!

Dress by Roxy LuLu

No surprise, another home run from Roxy Lulu. Those colors!!

Dress by LoveRich Boutique

This dress screams lady in the street but… well, you know the rest. It’s so elegant and still sexy and a bit naughty with the slit!

Romper by Margaux Riviera

If we all felt as fierce as this model looks in this outfit, women would rule the world. And the fringe on that bag?? Giving. Me. Life.

Dress by LoveRich Boutique

It’s just so beautiful in it’s simplicity. Quite the opposite of me. I’m complicated as hell.

Romper by Blings N Things

I’m a fiend for anything off-the-shoulder and rompers. And big ol’ hats. So clearly I created this outfit in my dreams.  LOVE!

Dress by Tommy Bahama

Yes,  this model is closing her eyes, but that’s only because she is just like, refusing to deal with life until Tommy Bahama comes to Delray. Luckily, that’s happening in April ’17.

And just because you deserve to smile before you go in to debt from purchasing literally everything from these boutiques like I plan to, here’s a clip of my favorite model of the day. At Delray Fashion Week, everyone gets the chance to strut their stuff!!

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