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Thank God French Fries Are Kosher: A Blog About Ditmas

Thank God French Fries Are Kosher: A Blog About Ditmas

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Growing up, I guess you could say I kept Kosher but not on purpose; it may be hard to believe but I was the pickiest eater who’s diet consisted of chicken fingers, french fries (I mean obviously), peanut butter sandwiches, plain pasta, and movie popcorn. Some people go to college and experiment with sex and drugs. Me, I experimented with food. And I found that I liked cheese. Especially if that cheese was on top of bacon, sausage and egg on a muffin. There was no way I was going back.

So I was very curious to check out Ditmas, Boca’s newest Kosher restaurant, to see what could possibly pique my interest. The answer: everything, and especially the craziest french fries I have ever eaten. But we’ll get to that later. For now, abandon that bacon cheeseburger you were about to gorge on, and let me show you the way of my people.

Because everything at Ditmas is over-the-top and out-of-the-ordinary, instead of a traditional bread basket, each guest receives a portion of maple-glazed roasted chickpeas, which I definitely think should replace popcorn as the national movie theater, sports game, and fair staple. Once you pop one in, you definitely won’t be able to stop. I’ve bought packaged roasted chickpeas before, but nothing compares to freshly made ones, especially with such an interesting flavor.

Another show of creativity is this delicious bite of Ahi Tuna on top of Compressed Watermelon. Simple. but so refreshing. Plus, how great is it that even though shellfish aren’t allowed, you can still enjoy a delicious cut of raw Ahi!

If you’ve ever been to a Jewish deli, you’ve probably learned that we love our pickles, so it’s no surprise we were served a jar of pickled veggies. I love the adorable presentation and really, can you ever go wrong when it comes to pickled anything?!

Although this might be one of the worst foodie pics I have ever taken, it’s only because I was rushing to get this dish in to my mouth. The Big Hawaiian Poke actually arrives at the table with the smoke still settling in the dish, allowing each bite to soak up the flavor. I seriously never knew that Kosher has this much flair!! I loved every bite and the crunchy texture that the crispy black rice added.

If you’ve ever been to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you know that my peeps know how to get down, so of course a killer cocktail menu is a must. Pick your poison and check out the list here.

Caesar Salads are about as basic as my Monday night ritual of watching The Bachelor and crying into my glass of rosé, but of course, Ditmas does it in a way that’s anything but basic. Their take combines kale and lemon confit, diced apples, a touch of horseradish, and garlic croutons. The addition of the sweet apples and the kick from horseradish make this salad standout more than a straight man at a Lady GaGa concert. You will surely be amazed.

I really thought I had seen it all when it comes to French Fries. I mean, I’m the expert, right?! Being introduced to Ditmas’s Tony Fries is like learning there’s a new color in the world, or discovering a trashy reality TV show even more scandalous than your favorite trashy reality TV show. I mean, WOW. These beauties consist of pico de gallo, guacamole, Sriracha, togarashi (Japanese chili pepper), and citrus aioli. Sound complicated? Guess what – so are some of the best things in life, like me. Shut up, eat them, thank me, and you’re welcome.

Me and the new BAE. Hat by Forever 21, top by Urban Outfitters

Short Rib goes a loooooong way when it’s done well (you’re welcome for the well thought out pun). Served over a butternut squash, this hearty entree was definitely a highlight of the night for me. Beautiful in flavor and presentation, it’s a (Kosher) meat lover’s dream!

I like my rice to be as black as my heart, so I was psyched when the salmon dish came served on a bed of it. I can imagine that salmon is probably one of the more popular dishes at Ditmas, and they deliver! Delicious down to the last bite!

This guy was not having a good day. I’m sure he was delicious but for the same reason that I can’t bring myself to enjoy head-on prawns, I just couldn’t do it. Sorry Nemo, better luck next life.

Something I CAN handle?! A larger-than-life dessert tray that I’m definitely going to ask for as my last meal should I ever find myself on death row (hey, it could happen, I’m known to do some pretty crazy stuff during Eagles-Cowgirls games.). Are you ready for the run-down? Mango and strawberry sorbet, chocolate-avocado mousse served so cute in a mason jar, a salted caramel custard served with toasted marshmallow fluff & graham cracker crumble; a chocolate chip brownie topped with  caramel sauce & marshmallow, a bread pudding with mango, coconut milk & lime, and carrot cake topped with a citrus whipped cream. Brownies are my favorite dessert, and this one won me over, especially with the s’mores vibe that I was getting from the marshmallow addition. I mean, good lawd. Jews don’t believe in heaven or hell, but I’m pretty sure it exists after this.

I left with a MAJOR new appreciation for Kosher food and the massive amount of deliciousness that can be done. And although bacon and I are never ever breaking up, I will definitely be back to Ditmas!

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.

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