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Every day is FRYday!

Every day is FRYday!

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Happy FRYday! Of course because I am a known French fry fiend (I mean, clearly, I named my blog after them), I always get asked the same question: what is your favorite place for French fries? Really people?? That’s like asking a parent to name their favorite kid (although I know my Dad would say me.). That’s like asking a Bielieber to pick their favorite song. It’s like asking me to pick my favorite outfit!! The point is, why have just one favorite when there are 7 days in a week and more than one meal in a day? You make every day FRYday! So here is a list of a few of my favorite French fries:


Chickie’s and Pete’s, “Famous Crab Fries,” various Philadelphia, PA locations. Usually my go-to answer when people ask me my favorite French fry is from the famous Philadelphia sports bar. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in the world – others have tried, even in Philadelphia, to recreate them, but no one has ever nailed that perfect amount of Old Bay seasoning, the perfect ratio of crisp outside to soft inside, or the deliciously mysterious cheese blend. Something about eating Crab Fries transports me to Lincoln Financial Field, where I’ve spent many an Eagles game drowning my sorrows over these beauties. You know, no wonder we’re one of the fattest cities – there’s something to be said for the correlation of emotional overeating and the records of our sports teams…



Continental Midtown, “Szechaun Shoestring Fries,” Center City Philadlephia, PA. The top picture is a beautiful picture of this dish taken by the restaurant. The bottom picture is the one I took last time I had these fries; the reason for it being blurry is that I had to take it quickly before the rest of the people at my table demolished the fries. Yes, the downfall of these fries is that since Continental is a tapas/family style restaurant, if they are ordered, sharing is the expectation. And I do NOT like to share fries. But being that this is my favorite restaurant in Philly, I’ll allow it. The fries taste like warm versions of potato sticks, and they are drizzled with Szechaun mustard which adds needed flavor in the form of a tangy kick. The restaurant is ultra trendy, which I appreciate since the point of my blog is to make French fries stylish.


Juniper on the Water, “Truffle Fries,” Hallandale Beach, FL. I have 2 blogs that I’ve written for this website, and both mention Juniper – so it’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of their restaurant. Sure the brunch deal is great, the staff is friendly, and the view is peaceful, but what really sells me are their truffle fries. Truffles – a fantastic way to add decadence to any dish. These fries are so delicious that no matter what I order as my entrée, I also order a side of Truffle fries. Omelette? Truffle fries. Salad? Truffle Fries. Pasta? Carbs on carbs on carbs – bring on the Truffle fries. I’d even order the Truffle fries with a side of Truffle fries, because #YOLO.


Waxy O’Connors, “Waxy Fries,” Ft. Lauderdale, FL. If there were a prototype for the way I liked my fries cut and cooked, it would be Waxy Fries. Thick cut but not so thick that they are qualified as potato wedges, soft on the outside and even mushier on the inside. Let’s face it, the Irish know their drinking, and they know their potatoes, so they are basically all my spirit animals. The true test of a fry for me is if I don’t need to put any condiment on it (cheese fries are a different story, but we’ll get there). I mean, if a fry is truly delicious, why do you need to smother it in that acidic overpowering tomato paste known as ketchup? These fries are perfectly seasoned and cooked, which is why I choose to eat them completely naked. Not me. The fries.


Anvil Pub, “Loaded Cheese Fries,” Dallas, TX. I lived in Dallas for 2 ½ years which was more than enough time to get myself acquainted with all the different cheese fries. Dallas has some of the best cheese fries in the world IMO and if you ask someone, they would probably choose Snuffer’s as their favorite, but it’s Anvil Pub’s Loaded Cheese Fries that steal my deep fried heart. Forget the fact that Anvil Pub is located in my favorite part of Dallas – the uber hipster area of Deep Ellum – but these cheese fries are smothered in mounds of gooey mozzarella and cheddar cheese and topped with bacon, jalapeños and chili. They even have a vegan version for those of you who don’t know how to live.

*Side note or disclaimer or whatever won’t get me in trouble: This is not my picture. Sadly my Dallas cheese fries days were before the days of me taking pictures of my food. I use to just like dive in to food without taking a picture or posting on Instagram. Like a savage. I yanked this picture of off Google. Please don’t sue me, all I’m worth is a collection of Britney Spears CDs and a grey tabby cat that doesn’t shut up.

the lucky well

The Lucky Well, “Poutine,” Ambler, PA. Straight from my hometown of Ambler, PA comes some of the best, most inventive poutine that I have ever had. These fries are topped with BBQ drippings gravy, whiskey cheese, house BBQ sauce, and you have the option of adding chopped brisket or chopped pork shoulder. I think I just gained 5 pounds just from typing that. I would gladly spend 23 hours of my day on a treadmill just to spend 1 hour alone with a plate of these.


Allstar Gourmet Cupcakery, “Jilly Day French Fry Cake,” Boca Raton, FL. I would not be the Princess of French fries without something cool to prove it, and I think that this cake that I had made special proves it. I tasked Jamie, the owner, with making a cake that looked like French fries, and that incorporated the nautical theme of the birthday (my guests and I went on a yacht trip, because even broke people know how to be fancy sometimes). She hit it out of the ballpark with this amazing creation, where the French fries were made out of sugar cake. AND the inside was S’mores flavored. If that makes everyone want to celebrate my birthday every day, I am so totally okay with that.


Homemade French fries! I of course can’t always rely on other people to make French fries for me. Making my own is an art. This particular version I used crinkle cut and regular fries, because I don’t discriminate. I seasoned them with Old Bay and topped them off with mozzarella cheese and Sriracha sauce. The best part about homemade fries? There’s no one to judge my gluttony as I shovel them down while watching reruns of Real Housewives.


McDonald’s, French Fries, Locations all over the Universe and beyond. I wouldn’t be able to write this article without mentioning the fry that started my obsession, the McDonald’s French fry. I shouldn’t have to describe to you why they are so good – I’m assuming you have all tried these at least once in your life and should understand why they are a fry connoisseur’s crack. I love these babies when they are fresh, and I love them when they are lukewarm, which you can’t say for most fries. There was this girl in high school who was always such a bully to me but she did teach me to dunk my McDonald’s fries in their BBQ sauce which I still sometimes do today and so even though I used to wish all her hair and teeth would fall out, I’m still thankful for her.


So live every day like it’s FRYday! It’s not just about eating French fries, its about the attitude of it. Indulge in life. Have fun with it – do something every day that makes you a little happier! (unless is actually crack. Don’t do that.)

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