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How to Beat the Humidity, While Still Looking Hot (And Other Tips for Not Looking Homeless)

How to Beat the Humidity, While Still Looking Hot (And Other Tips for Not Looking Homeless)


Living in Florida is choice. A choice that those of us who love the beach, the laid back attitude, the Cuban food and seafood, the bright colors and the never-ending amount of events, activities and festivals trade in for terrible dating lives, hurricane season, and of course, bad, bad hair days.


The humidity in Florida during summer is thicker than my thighs, and like most of you, I tend to walk around looking like I just stuck my finger in an electrical socket. There are plenty of places in the world that experience this phenomenon, and if you live in one of them, I have come up with some great options for you to conquer your frizziest days.

I did this incredible broadcast on Periscope but apparently Periscope these days is about as hip as butterfly clips and turtlenecks, so I ended up doing a second version on Facebook Live. Seriously though – is anyone still on Periscope?? Personally I prefer it over FB Live – if you ARE still on there, follow me @jillyfromphilly. Anyways, here I present my top 5 Humid Hairstyles:

I learned from this broadcast that many, many people do not know how to do a french braid. I don’t know how to ride a bike, do my taxes, fix a flat tire, keep a plant alive, or have a stable relationship, but French braids – French braids are almost as second nature to me as French fries. So here is my French braid tutorial, split in to 2 parts because my WiFi is just about as stable as my love life:

So there you have it. No more excuses for bad hair days, ladies (or I guess guys with long hair too, as someone from the broadcast did send me a photo of his absolutely perfect fishtail braid). You can get out there and rock your look now in confidence, knowing that just like anything in life, humidity can’t keep you down! Just remember, no matter how great you look in the humidity, you still need deodorant. No one likes a smelly hot girl.

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