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Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Boring Jewelry

Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Boring Jewelry

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As much I as I enjoy patting myself on the back, I can’t even credit myself with this title of this blog, because believe it or not, that is the motto of Jay Feder Jewelers. Every diva deserves her day, and leave it to this family owned, insanely gorgeous jeweler to give it to them. For 40 years, a tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, and that includes making every woman who steps foot in the door (or if she’s lucky enough, the gift she’s surprised with by her significant other) feel like royalty. Don’t believe me? Then take a walk in my shoes for a minute, and check out the beautiful and welcoming environment that I stepped in to when I was invited to tour the store (all interior photo credits courtesy of Jay Feder Jewelers).

It certainly says something about a place when you get the WOW factor even before you see what they have to offer! The owners, Marc and Devorah Feder state it perfectly: “We wanted it to feel like you were coming home, or at least that you were coming to ‘our’ home. We wanted it to be elegant and beautiful, but with lots of personal touches that made it comfortable and welcoming, not intimidating or snobby as generally associated with the fine jewelry industry.” Oh yes Marc and Devorah, I am HOME. I am truly HOME. Like, I consider this my home. I may start leaving my toothbrush here. #AdoptMePlease

My eyes as well as my self-diagnosed ADD were immediately drawn to sparkly things. And I’m typically a girl who prefers chunky, funky jewelry à la Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters – but that is why I love their store; because it’s luxury meets trendy. Each piece is refined yet unique. Literally anything but basic – perhaps that’s why the one and only Cardi B (!!!! fangirling rn) got her engagement ring here (yup was pretty much sold when I found out the Queen of “Bloody Shoes” is a fan).

I was searching for the perfect piece to coordinate with my dress (side note, I finally learned how to iron for the first time literally just yesterday bc my adulting skills are on the up and up – but unfortunately it was not something I learned in time for this event, so please don’t let my wrinkled dress distract you from the gorgeous jewels. However if it distracts you from the wrinkles on my face, I will consider it a win). It didn’t take me long because as soon as I spotted this bangle by Victor Velyan, I was entranced, as if it had been made exclusively for me. There was even a matching necklace. All of the pieces are made with patina as well as pure silver, and they then incorporate gemstones. Inspired by architecture, music, nature, travel, unique cultures, history and fine art, the array of pieces from his collection that Jay Feder offers are perfect for the gal who enjoys glitz in a modern, unique way – and don’t be shy, because anything from this collection is a guaranteed conversation starter (and if you need to end the conversation just act like you have somewhere more important to be which people will obviously believe because you are so freaking fancy).

The same way that I will never get tired of “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, I will NEVER get tired of mixing reds and pinks, so when I saw this stunning necklace (which was displayed on a wall instead of a case, so you know it’s super special), I couldn’t wait to show it off. “Fancy,” “Queen,” “Beautiful” – these are not just words, they are FEELINGS, and I will tell you first hand that wearing something like this makes you FEEL all of them. And that is the beauty of what Jay Feder Jewelers does. From the moment you walk in, from trying on their unique pieces that seem like they are made just for you, to even just talking to Marc, Devorah, or any of their talented jewelers that to quote Rihanna makes you feel like “the only girl in the world,” the jewelry becomes much more than just a shiny statement – it’s an entire EXPERIENCE that will last even longer than a diamond does (aka FOREVER).

Oh, and just for fun, I have to share this picture of me and my #lifegoals – Marc and Devorah’s dog who is dripping in $1.2 million worth of diamonds. All that and her diva attitude is even stronger than Beyoncé’s. Let’s just all take a moment to try to channel her as our spirit animal. Because ladies, you deserve it. And men…. Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. Just hinting….

*Side note I have no Valentine this year so you can find me loitering outside of Jay Feder Jewelers just hoping to find “The One” or maybe even just some guy who’s girl said “no” to his proposal. ZERO shame in my game.

***I was invited in and hosted for an beautiful event, however, you cannot bribe me with sparkly things, so all opinions are my own.

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