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Send Noods. (Kapow Did).

Send Noods. (Kapow Did).

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Let’s get things straight. Nudes = never a good idea. Noods = Best idea ever. And if you can’t have some fun with that play on words, then you’ve come to the wrong blog. And if you don’t love Asian-inspired noodles, then you should just go hibernate until April, because March is National Noodle Month. And if there is one place that is celebrating it with fervor, it’s Kapow Noodle Bar. Let me first say this. I FRICKING LOVE KAPOW. I honestly don’t think that there is anywhere else quite like it in South Florida. They started with a location in Boca where they have one of the best happy hours that features some of my favorite bites. And when they opened the West Palm location, they added menu items exclusive to that location including CRACK FRIES. CRACK FRIES! As if I weren’t addicted to fries enough, they now have basically explicitly told me that I’m gonna need rehab for these things. Anyways. Back to my point. For National Noodle Month, both locations are offering a unique, different noodle dish every night, such as Garlic King Crab Noodle, Wild Mushroom Chow Fun, and Truffled Duck Udon Soup. Intrigued? Then read on, crack addicts.

There was no way that I was going to start my meal without THE BEST EDAMAME I’ve ever had. Look, typically when I am out or being  lazy and ordering Asian food in, I skip right over edamame, Way too healthy and boring. But the way that Kapow serves theirs is (and I typically cringe at this word but I can’t think of any less way to describe it) SUCCULENT. Soy, Garlic, Ginger, and Togarashi – Wok Seared and 110% a party in your mouth. DO NOT SKIP OVER THIS DISH. I repeat DO NOT SKIP OVER THIS DISH.

I understand how parents can’t choose a favorite kid (ok well my Dad probably can, and spoiler alert: it’s me) because I can’t choose my favorite app at Kapow. Because Bao Buns are life. Never had a Bao Bun before? It’s like a delicious carb pillow that melts in your mouth and comforts you like a hug from an angel. Kapow has a few different choices but I went for the Crispy Mushroom, completed by Tempura Enoki, Truffle, Kewpie, Pickled Cucumber, and Shiso Leaf. If you haven’t drooled all over your keyboard yet – you’re reading this wrong.

^Actual footage of me being healthy AF and ordering lettuce cups. Secret menu item – we replaced them with shrimp. Insanely legit.

Do you guys all have a ride or die? That person that you would pretty much do anything for? Well for me that’s my E.P.I.C. (Eating Partner In Crime) Shaina of Take A Bite Out Of Boca, and my sacrifice to her is to sometimes give up my fat-assness to conform to her dietary restrictions (follow her for more info on it!). I give her all the credit, all of it, because she still finds a way to get some insanely delicious platters. The one above is something that Kapow created especially for her, which just goes to show that they are a restaurant that truly goes above and beyond.

Plus it’s super Instagram-able, so win-win all around. This gorgeous dish consists of a cauliflower rice base, Ahi tuna (with gluten-free soy sauce), pickled red onions and peppers, diced mango, cucumber and avocado, and topped with sesame seeds. Eating healthy never looked or tasted so good!

And finally, what you have been waiting for – THE NOODS! The Noodle Special on the night that we visited was Pad Se Ew, complete with Thai Shrimp. It made me realize why they call themselves KAPOW – because you about to be knocked out with flavor.

You’re not gonna want March to end! Noodle Month is still going strong, so bolt to your nearest Kapow location and thank me later.

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.



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