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Louie Bossi Makes Their Food Hard To Fuughettaboutit

Louie Bossi Makes Their Food Hard To Fuughettaboutit

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If you’re like me, then you’ve come to understand that Italian food can be as basic as that girl who orders double mocha fraps at her local Starbucks every morning and pulls the cash out of her fake Louis Vuitton while all the time wishing she were home catching up on E! News. You expect to walk in there and see the typical Chicken Parmigiana and Baked Ziti…. but step foot in to Louie Bossi at its new Boca Raton location, and expect anything but the ordinary.

To begin this outsane (new word I’m coining, a combination of outstanding and insane) journey, we of course had to indulge in one heck of a grand appetizer, which is a sampling of all their apps – Marcona almonds, olives (the only food I will EVER deny and/or spit out in public, but I’m sure those that enjoy the taste would appreciate), fried balls filled with ricotta and prosciutto, and of course garlic bread and cheese. Can I admit right now that Italian foreplay ROCKS??

If you think Louie Bossi ends it there, then you definitely forgot to bring your second stomach and don’t deserve to have these deliciously cured meats. They offer a ton of Salumi options, and when in Rome…. you better order at least one!

SO many restaurants these days are trying to put their own twist on burrata, but WHY try to change a classic when you can perfect it? It’s like trying to top perfectly cooked french fries with chili or ketchup, or worse, those people who ACTUALLY put ketchup on a perfectly cooked steak. WHY? WHY? IT’S NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD PEOPLE!! True burrata stands on its own, just like this one does. One bite, and you’re in Italy. All without the hassle of plane delays.

And Arby’s thought they have the meats… can we TALK about this outsanely (also copyrighted by me) generous portion of prosciutto on top of the ravioli? Sorry to all the Nonnas out there – but this ravioli kicks your ravioli’s ass.

Were you missing some green in this meal? Don’t worry, Louie’s got ya covered with some perfectly crunchy and roasted Brussels sprouts, who can boast, in my opinion, the perfect amount of char on the outside.

The next dish was so fantastic that I didn’t mind sounding like an idiot when I ordered and tried to pronounce “Risotto Al Gamberini E Funghi.” Although the names sounds like a doctor giving you bad test results, trust that this dish is one of their standouts. So good that I will mark this one, *sharing not optional. Trust me, you’ll thank me. You’ll want every. last. bite.

Ending an Italian meal without Tiramisu or Cannoli is like leaving an open bar wedding sober – completely inappropriate. We were also treated to a perfectly creamy cheesecake and an enormous ice cream sundae. All very sweet ends to a meal that I certainly won’t fuggedabout. Now if only we could all find a way to make French fries part of Italian cuisine…

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.


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