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Greece is The Word At Oliv Pit in Boca!

Greece is The Word At Oliv Pit in Boca!

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My first thought upon hearing the word “Greek” is an awful flashback to the days of pledging my sorority, an endless schedule of sleepless nights, rituals I’m sworn to secrecy for forever, and my worst fear, being around a bunch of 20-something year old women 24/7. It’s like an issue of Cosmopolitan come to horrifying life. These days though, it gives me the warm feels thinking about Greece’s unique cuisine and all the wonderful things that can fill my belly, without having to have my fat circled as a consequence (but you didn’t hear that ritual from me).  But I digress. What I truly want to talk about in this blog is Boca Raton’s newest restaurant, Oliv Pit, because they are bringing the flavor that Boca Raton has so badly been craving.

You may have had Greek food before, but you will understand why Oliv Pit is so far from basic when you start your meal off with the Pikilia Trio, which consists of Tzatziki Spread (Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill with Greek olive oil), Eggplant Spread (Melitzanosalata if you wanna impress your friends or just be that obnoxious person that corrects everyone), and Tirokafteri which is the Greek word for “Spicy Cheese Spread” and also translates to “give me more or I’ll hold all the olives hostage.” (P.S., it’s made with spicy feta cheese, green peppers, and Greek olive oil.) Look, I can buy hummus at any grocery food store in America. When I want a real authentic dip, I’m going to Oliv Pit.

If your eyes don’t immediately bulge out of your head at the sight of this gorgeously enormous piece of feta cheese, then most likely you need to get your vision checked. Many restaurants, whether authentic Greek or not, offer Greek Salad. But NO ONE does it like Oliv Pit. Their Greek Village Salad, or Horiatiki (look at all of us learning things!) is chock full of vine tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, Kalamata olives, mint, aged barrel feta, green peppers, mountain oregano, and finished with Greek olive oil. My favorite part? NO LETTUCE. Honestly to me lettuce is like the greasy overweight bouncer that you have to flirt with to get in to the club – you’re just trying to make it through to get to the good stuff. Everyone wishes they could skip that part.

Idk what’s more of a mouthful – this dish, or its name. Kolokithokeftedes sounds like an incurable disease, but no fear – it’s just fried zucchini. And we all know that fried things make the world go round.

Here’s the thing – when it comes to ordering food, you should always go big or go home (this philosophy also works with diamonds in case any eligible bachelors are wondering). That’s why Oliv Pit offers seafood and meat platters that will force you to re-evaluate how much your stomach can fit. The Seafood Platter comes with calamari, salmon, prawns
and octopus, and the Mix Grill Platter boasts Beefteki, Gyro meat and your choice of skewers (beef, chicken, pork, or veggie). It’s accompanied by a green salad, pita, tzatziki, and tomato paprika sauce. You can order the platter for 2 or for 4, but really, who pays attention to serving sizes? I mean a typical pizza is meant to serve 4 but I have certainly polished one of those off in one sitting. (Side note, if you’re not a rabid beast like me, you can always take the leftovers home. Reliving this meal is something I would definitely recommend.)

Top by Vixbe, both top and necklace I got through my Stitchfix. Like the messy bun beanie? Get it here.

OH THE FETA FRIES ALL HAIL THE FETA FRIES. Why are fries called French fries when the Greeks truly have done it so much better??? (pardon mes amies, s’il vous plait.) Such deliciously sized cuts of potato, fried perfectly brown and topped with all. dat. CHEESE. Looks like Aphrodite found me, because I am IN LOVE.

Oliv Pit is authentically delicious and IMO needs to be one of the top places on your “to-eat” list (hopefully I’m not the only person that keeps one of these?)

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.


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