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Pigsty BBQ Is A Perfect Example Of Why I’ll Never Understand Vegetarians.

Pigsty BBQ Is A Perfect Example Of Why I’ll Never Understand Vegetarians.

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If it weren’t for the whole category of carbs, I’d probably classify myself as a carnivore, because I love meat. And while taking me to a Brazilian Steakhouse where they parade around the dead animals like it’s some kind of festival is like letting a shark loose in a hotel swimming pool during Spring Break, any meat that is BBQ-ed is truly my favorite way to indulge. So when I was asked to try out Pigsty BBQ, the newest BBQ joint to hit Boynton Beach, I was already in my car and on the way before I could even reply to the email.

If you can stop drooling long enough to focus, I’ll tell you a little bit of background about Pigsty before we dive in to the MEAT of things (yes, I’m terribly proud of myself for that pun). Pigsty is the result of a chance meeting between Pitmaster legend Bryan Tyrel and restaurant conceptualist and consultant genius Elliot Harris. The two decided to bring a true cafeteria style to the restaurant, along with Bryan’s famed signature Kansas-style smoked BBQ. I’m very familiar with Pitmaster Bryan’s work, as I had a dined a bunch of times at his previous location and always enjoyed myself (spoiler alert: this location is even better!) If you don’t know what a true BBQ icon you are dealing with, here are a few facts about him: His competition BBQ team, Slaughterhouse Five, won the American Royal World Championship 2 years in a row. He was also the original smokehouse manager of Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, which was voted “Best BBQ Restaurant In The World” by Zagat, and if that weren’t enough, it was also crowned “One Of The 13 Places You Must Eat At Before You Die” by none other than Anthony Bourdain. So yeah, the bar is set pretty high for this place.

I grabbed my partner in crime Collin Santini for this adventure, and you can watch our live broadcast at the end of this blog. Side note, when you’re going to a low-key, cafeteria style BBQ, you need to dress comfortable but sassy, hence why I am rocking  my Scene Swag “Mood: Nah” shirt by LL Scene. (Hat by Coach and choker by Forever 21, eyeshadow is by Urban Decay).

So what you’re waiting for – the MEATS!!! What you’re currently staring at and probably screenshotting to drool over later in a dark corner where no one can judge you is, clockwise: Beef Burnt Ends, Sausage, Smoked Turkey, Brisket, Beef Ribs and Pulled Pork. If this is the part of the blog where you’re waiting for me to announce a favorite, then you might as well join my mom in waiting for me to announce a wedding engagement, because much as I’d like to, it ain’t happening soon. It was all such smokey perfection that even Smokey the Bear would approve. Like your ribs to fall off the bone? These ribs fell off more quickly than my clothes if I were trapped in a dark room with Ryan Gosling (jeez don’t judge, like you wouldn’t, and I feel like that even speaks to the men reading this). Whichever meat, it’s all meant to have SO much flavor that you barely need sauce, and that holds true for each cut. Every indulgent bite was more delicious than the next. As much as I’d love you to finish this blog, if you’re so inclined, I would suggest just dropping everything, including reading this, and getting in here.

But wait. It doesn’t stop there. Unlike in bad relationships, sometimes the side items are everything. If you want to know what you’re looking at, counter-clockwise it’s french fries (duh), onion rings, mac n cheese, baked beans, collard greens, potato salad and coleslaw. Clearly my first objective is to let you know how heavenly these french fries are. They’re hand cut and double fried, which makes for a perfect bite of fresh, crispy, mushy, salty, indulgent pleasure. Baked beans have never really been my jam, but they’re mixed with cuts of meat which totally ups the ante. According to my colleague Collin, who was raised in the south, the potato salad is solid (it’s got some mustard for added flavor which makes it far less basic than your normal deli). No matter what you choose, each of these dishes is crafted with care and love and are a perfect compliment to your meal.

And then there’s the wings, which need no wingman for their introduction. Deliciously smokey, I loved how they didn’t even need any sauce to be tasty – especially since I’m a known klutz and was wearing white. If you come here and don’t order them, you’re just planning to fail, and no one likes a failure. Well, except maybe me because I liked my ex-boyfriend, and I’m still trying to explain that one.

Plan to leave room for dessert, because the Mini Donuts are one of the best sweet bites you will ever have. Lightly fried dough topped with cinnamon, sugar and a sweet cream frosting, you may go in to sensory overload.

What I truly love about this place is how REAL it is. From the friendly people to the home-cooked vibe, Pigsty is the kind of place that you feel comfortable in. And from one comfort to another, your bed is going to feel amazing after this food coma you experience.

And if you want to experience it live:

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.


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