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Dinner at Saqeulla Is Like Bingeing On Your Favorite Netflix Series – Addicting

Dinner at Saqeulla Is Like Bingeing On Your Favorite Netflix Series – Addicting

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We’ve all been there, when a TV show is just that good that you keep saying “I’ll only watch one more” and next thing you know, it’s 2 days later, your cat hasn’t been fed and your hair has turned greasier than the floor of a McDonald’s drive thru…. or is that just me….?

Either way, we all know what it’s like to be addicted to something, and I’m writing this blog to tell you why, if you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll be addicted to dinner at Saquella Cafe in Boca Raton (or alternately, their sister restaurant, Prosecco Cafe in Palm Beach Gardens, who has an almost identical menu). If you haven’t yet, you might want to read the prequel to this blog here.

Saquella is often known for it’s master barista and gourmet coffee, but did you know that they have MY favorite kind of pick-me-up?? That’s right – they have a full liquor license, and are also experts at making drinks like this delicious Crantini. And by the way, before you get your judgey face on about that last statement, I’d like to state that I don’t drink caffeine, and I wonder what is worse – not being able to go a morning without your vice, or only sipping on one now and again? Hmmm…. okay, off my soapbox now since this is a comedic blog. ANYWAYS – their bartenders are just as skilled as their baristas, and this drink is slightly strong, slightly fruity, and gives a great kick to the start of your night.

I talked about it in my last blog – the Goat Cheese Croquette & Fig Jam: Pan Seared Croquette, Homemade Fig Jam, and Ciabatta Crouton. They’re a delicious staple to the menu, and just like the Kardashian family, they’re not leaving anytime soon – although in the case of the croquettes, you don’t actually WANT them to fall off the face of the earth.

It’s always a great honor to try a dish before it premieres on the menu, and we were lucky enough to test a version of the Shaksuka, a popular Middle Eastern breakfast dish consisting of poached eggs and tomato sauce. Saquella adds their own twist my melting some Vito’s local mozzarella in there. Served with their freshly baked bread, this dish is so unique, so unexpected, and so your new favorite. Instead of the old phrase, you’ll be waking up and shouting, “wake up and smell the Shaksuka!”

Part of the beauty of Saquella’s dinner is that along with the menu items, you never know what Chef Dave is going to cook up, so you gotta keep your ears, mind, and stomach open! We were treated to a Quinoa Crusted Salmon, served with roasted beet and goat cheese puree with a fennel and radish turshi.  When food tastes as good as it looks, you get something like this. The crisp layer of the quinoa perfectly complemented the salmon, as if they were meant for each other just like me and Justin Hartley (new obsession, look it up, and if you’re not watching “This Is Us” on NBC, then shame on you.) It is a testament to the Chef’s talent and truly showed how well he can execute all types of dishes.

…which includes my personal favorite of the night, the Sunflower Seed Chicken Breast. I know it’s my job to describe to you the taste of these dishes, but how do you describe perfection? How do you describe a mountain view overlooking a crystal clear ocean?How do you describe the first time seeing your favorite band in concert? How do you describe that feeling you get after a long season and your team wins the Super Bowl? (I certainty wouldn’t know, thanks Eagles…) You just have to trust that when someone says it’s perfection, that they aren’t taking that word lightly.

Of course you can’t end a phenomenal meal without some mouthwatering desserts – that’s like reading this blog without expecting some sassy comments. This is the Peach Cobbler French Toast, made with Bourbon salted caramel sauce and candied walnuts. Each bite will have you having coming back for more until the plate is empty.

And the rest of the desserts hold just as true – Saquella after all is just as much of a scratch bakery as it is kitchen. It’s Russian Roulette but with no consequences – anything you choose will be a win.

This is an experience that you NEED. Saquella might be known for their coffee, but pretty soon you’ll know them for their dinner – and it’s an addiction that you can get used to.

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.

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