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You’ll Have To Read On To Find The Secret To Saquella’s Chicken Dish!

You’ll Have To Read On To Find The Secret To Saquella’s Chicken Dish!

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***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.

So your brain is probably already running with ideas trying to guess what could possibly be the tasty formula to make Saquella Cafe’s famous Crispy Boneless Half Chicken is. Garlic? Nah, too obvious. Peanut butter? Only if you’re cooking in my kitchen (yes, I put peanut butter on EVERYTHING). An incredible Chef? Well yes, but Chef Dave is no SECRET (anyone who’s been around him will know he’s the loudest, most talkative person in a room… and that’s coming from ME!!) So what is it?

A brick.

You heard me. A brick.

See, although there are many savory ingredients that go in to the dish, the true secret is the unique way that it is cooked. I had the pleasure of getting a “Behind The Scenes” look at how Chef Dave cooks his chicken. I’m pretty sure that the only reason that the chicken crossed the road was to be a part of this dish. Chef Dave starts by cooking the chicken on the grill, and once both sides are cooked, he places a sanitarily wrapped (just had to throw that out there, for you germ freaks. Me, I’m more of a 30 second rule kinda gal – because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger) brick on top of the chicken, which is how it gets that perfectly crispy exterior while still staying so juicy on the inside. He then finishes it off over an open flame. Allow him to demonstrate:

The Crispy Chicken is served over a bed of roasted fingerling potatoes and topped with a tossed lemon arugula salad, and is presented beautifully:

The salad adds a really nice sweetness to the dish, between the tart sun-dried tomatoes and the creamy cool cheese. It’s a unique pairing for a chicken dish, and so just like all of Saquella’s dinner entrees, it’s completely innovative. I also love the balsamic glaze that is drizzled all over the dish as it compliments every element of it.

If you are a chicken eater, this is a MUST TRY.  I promise that you’ve never had a more perfectly cooked piece of chicken! And this is just ONE of their incredibly satisfying entrees, so make sure to discover them all! Saquella is open for dinner 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday – and as a special treat, you’ll be treated to live music from Simply Susan every Thursday! So don’t just cross the road – sprint across it and bring your friends and family!

(Note: this dish is also available at their sister restaurant, Prosecco Cafe, which is open for dinner 7 days a week.)


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