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When You’re Dealt Bacon, It’s Always A Good Hand at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

When You’re Dealt Bacon, It’s Always A Good Hand at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

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By nature, I’m not a gambler. If I’m going to play with my money, I’m going to bet it on an extravagantly trendy piece of clothing that will most likely go out of style a few weeks after I buy it (but YOLO, it looked goooooood in the dressing room). So it’s not every day I find myself inside of a casino. However, I was invited in with a great group of bloggers to Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, where we were able to try out three of the restaurants that the casino has to offer.

Unfortunately I had a previous engagement during the day (apologies to my Mom who probably just saw the word “engagement” and got overly excited.) and I had to miss the first stop, Fresh Harvest, the casino’s buffet that defies everything you know about buffets. If you want to read the review on that, I suggest you visit my EPIC (that’s Eating Partner In Crime)’s blog, Take A Bite Out Of Boca, for the full run down.

I arrived just in time for Sorrisi, the casino’s restaurant that boasts authentic Italian cuisine, fine wines and hand-crafted, herb-infused cocktails.

Upon our arrival, the table was set with toasted baguette, an herb-infused blend of olive oil, fresh roasted garlic, and cheese (which I proudly did a victory dance for when I was the only blogger at the table who could correctly identify it as asiago. I swear if there were a cheese Jeopardy, I’d be winning big these days). Everything was to the degree of liking that you would expect when you claim a place is “real” Italian. On point!

But when something like this arrives, you halt the music. Now, I don’t know how many of you out there have weird eating habits (if you’re on this blog, you’re probably some kind of misfit like me), but one of my weird habits is that I always save the best bite for last. So of course, I started with the salad, thinking it was just an obstacle to get to the main course. But boy was I wrong! The base was grilled romaine, which was topped with artichoke, prosciutto, and reggiano. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD. If I could eat grilled romaine like this every day I could probably get rid of my french fry gut, but myself and fire/stovetops don’t have a great history together (forever marked on my left forearm). But to be treated to this dish was … well… a treat! And if I thought the salad was good, it was only a matter of time before I bit into the Lobster Ravioli, served covered in a cognac cream sauce with sun dried tomato and adorned with a HUGE chunk of Maine Lobster. I now know what the phrase “take it slow” means, because the only way you can approach this sexy dish is slow and steady, savoring every bite. Men, you should be treating your ladies the way I treated this dish.

The next stop was the one I had been waiting for since I had heard about this place – NYY Steak. I had first heard about this restaurant from an old roommate of mine who had the unfortunate fate of being born a Yankees fan. He and his friends, once a year, would have a “Man’s Dinner” where they all dressed to the nines and ordered an exorbitant and expensive amount of food, and every year it was held at NYY Steak. So although my first impression of the restaurant was to find a bunch of rocks to chuck through their windows out of spite for the Yankees, I soon found myself at a few of their Thursday Night Ladies Nights, where I enjoyed complimentary champagne and small passed apps, as well as the band The Clique, who is one of the most fun local bands around – talented singers who are highly energetic and give great interaction to the crowd (I highly recommend checking them out on a Thursday night – for NYY’s live music schedule, click here).

But this was to be my first time actually dining in the restaurant and trying their steak, and I could not be more ready! We were greeted by their in-house butcher who explained many of the different cuts. I’m no steak aficionado, all I know is I like them to be practically still moo-ing, so it was interesting to get some behind-the-scenes knowledge of their USDA Prime Steaks. Did you know they are dry aged for 21 days?? I can barely keep canned chicken on my shelf in my house more than 4 days without eating it, let alone 21 days with a beautiful cut of meat!

It was time for things to get fancy. Upon sitting down at the table, we each received a glass of red (CrossBarn® by Paul Hobbs Cabernet) and a glass of champagne (Laurent-Perrier® Brut). NYY Steak has been awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for a wine list that offers an interesting, well-chosen selection of quality producers, along with a thematic match to the menu’s cuisine in both price and style, appealing to a wide range of wine lovers. And of course, what good is being fancy if you’re not indulging in…

CAVIAR!! Oh yes, when I say fancy, I mean fancy. I mean high motherfreakin’ class, bust out the Louis Vuitton bags and know that your shit smells like a garden of roses, Real Housewife feeling, pinky up fancy. I’ve only had caviar a few times in my life because I’m still working on having enough structure in my life to achieve #lifegoals, so this was a real treat. It was served traditional style an accompanied by egg, red onion, crème fraiche and chives. It was a lot saltier than I remembered but still so decadent. It is definitely an acquired taste that I have thankfully acquired.

And now, the moment that the blog has been building up to: THE BACON. I fully expected to walk away from NYY raving about the steak, and although that too far exceeded my expectations (I will get to that in a bit), it was the bacon that was the star of the show. First off, the presentation is killer. Bacon on a clothesline?? Any food that makes for a good photo op makes a good impression on me. So here you got this thick cut bacon, a house cured and smoked Kurobuta pork belly, which is just dripping it’s immensely flavorful grease down on to a hot skillet of cornbread drenched in maple syrup. Did you foodgasm yet? If you need a minute to be alone, I understand. I cannot even describe to you (although I guess that’s my job) how insanely amazing this bacon was. I was luckily enough to sit next to 2 bloggers with food restrictions, so I got 3 pieces, and when it comes to this bacon, there is NO shame in my game.

Now it was time to put the steak to the test. A Prime Dry-Aged NY Strip was served alongside creamed spinach. While a few bloggers balked at the pink interior, I dove right in, because to me, this is how a steak should be served. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being with someone at a nice steakhouse who asks for their cut well done. Seriously mortifying!! I loved the way this steak was cooked (or not-so-cooked) – it was flavorful, intense, and definitely showed me why NYY is #1 for steaks.

If I thought the decadence was stopping there, boy was I wrong. Next up? TRUFFLE MAC AND CHEESE. It seems this is a dish that has really become quite popular; in fact, I believe I’ve written about some form of truffle mac n’ cheese in my last 2 or 3 blogs. But what separates NYY’s Truffle Mac N’ Cheese? REAL TRUFFLES. And they certainly don’t skimp on them! I also loved the way the ends of the macaroni was just a tad crisp.

What happened next was something only the above video can explain. A display so grand, it is only fitting for a setting like this. We were served the NYY Signature 151 Volcano, an eruption of vanilla bean ice cream, Heath Bar crunch and 151 rum. Not only is this a killer dish to watch being made, but woooooooo one bite of this and you might feel like you’ve done a shot! Not for the weak, that’s for sure. Luckily your girl knows how to handle 151 proof and then some!

Our last stop hit all the sweet spots, literally. We went to the second floor lounge where we sipped on Brandy Alexanders and finished our off our night with a grand dessert display.

I HAD to try each piece, not because I’m a fatass, but because it’s my job as a blogger. My absolute favorite were the champagne cake pops. I may have lost count how many I inhaled, but what good are numbers anyways?

So I may still not be a Poker Shark and I certainly will never outsmart a dealer, but when it comes to dining at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, I definitely took the winnings!

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.


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