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WARNING: The Jokes In This Blog Are Pretty Square

WARNING: The Jokes In This Blog Are Pretty Square

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Ever go back and forth in your head about a decision, running over all the options only to come back to your original thought? That’s called going back to square one, which is what will happen when you’re trying to decide on a place for good food, good drinks, or simply where to watch your favorite sports game – you will ALWAYS come back to Square One.

Square One, or SQ1 if you want to sound like a local “in-the-know”, has taken residence in the Glades Plaza of Boca Raton. With beautiful, modern decor (scroll below for a pic of me in their luxurious velvet chairs) as well as both inside and outside eating and a bar full of TVs tuned in to all the important games, SQ1 is the newest chef-driven spot in Boca that you MUST check out. I was whisked away to their private dining room and to start, was served the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail with Horseradish Cocktail Sauce and Mustard Cream. I’ll ask you to refrain from putting your mind in the gutter before reading this statement, but when it comes to shrimp – the bigger the better. Seriously. Don’t “skrimp” (see what I did there) – find the jumbo-iest of the jumbos. SQ1 did, and now it’s a great day for shrimp lovers everywhere.

Brace yourself for a corny one-liner – but I like my seafood like I like my men – with plenty of mussels to spare (totally gonna use that as a pick-up line one day; if he’s my future hubs, he’ll laugh). The Prince Edward Island Mussels are served with White Wine & Tomato Broth, Caramelized Fennel, Herbs, and Grilled Bread. Savory and delicious – the dish is a win.

About to drop another corny line into this post because SQ1’s food has got me feeling giddy. Ready for it? Don’t be SQUARE, order the calamari! (Please keep reading, I promise you I get funnier and the food gets EVEN better). The calamari is served with Sweet Drop Peppers, Marinara, and Calabrian Chile Aioli. The calamari is good but it definitely serves its main purpose as a vehicle for the aioli. Seriously, you’re gonna want to get a bottle of it to go.

Although this was a group dinner, we were each allowed to choose our own main dish, and although so many of the options looked good, my gut told me to go with the Blackened Mahi Mahi. Like I said, go with your first instinct – coming back to Square One never fails! The Mahi is served with Forbidden Black Rice Pilaf, Heart Of Palm & Green Papaya Slaw. The Mahi was so tender and flaky, as it should be when perfectly cooked, and with just the right amount of seasoning. But what really made my eyes pop was the Forbidden Black Rice. I’m not a big rice fan (I’ll get my carbs from french fries, thanks) but black rice is different to me because it has so much more flavor. This deliciously savory and nutty rice was accompanied by a sweet coconut flavor, and the combination was a better duo than even Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Bill & Ted, and (and this next one means a lot coming from me) Beavis & Butthead. Yep – this rice might contain the best coupling of all time.

Call me greedy, call me hungry, or call me a rockstar at ordering food – I couldn’t let my meal sit there alone without ordering a side of the Brick Oven Brussels Sprouts. I’ve said it over and over again, I am SO over Brussels Sprouts on every menu with the same recipe (maple, bacon, blah blah blah…Zzzzzzzz). BUT if the restaurant can make theirs stand out, then I am all over it like a reality star on a publicity stunt. SQ1 expertly concocted their recipe with Sweet ‘N Sour Glaze, Pancetta, Cashew, and Cilantro. Can’t find that anywhere else!

A square meal always involves dessert… or two desserts! We were treated to the Apple Cobbler (Oatmeal Streusel, Butterscotch Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream) as well as the Crème Brûlée (Vanilla Bean Custard, Caramelized Sugar Crust). Yeah – let that sink in. You probably spent 10 minutes just staring before you even got close to reading this next paragraph. Well, SPOILER ALERT: They taste even better than they look!

Bodysuit by Lush Clothing via Stitchfix, Shorts by Just USA Jeans also via Stitchfix, and glasses by Forever 21.

I almost forgot – THESE CHAIRS! They make anyone look good, even me after stuffing my face. SQ1 has it all – so welcome them to the neighborhood!

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.





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