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If You Haven’t Eaten Your Weight In Raw Seafood, Then You Haven’t Truly Sunday Brunched.

If You Haven’t Eaten Your Weight In Raw Seafood, Then You Haven’t Truly Sunday Brunched.

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In South Florida, brunch is an art. It’s a lifestyle. Hell, it may as well be a religion. Needless to say, us residents take it VERY seriously. And we are always looking for the next best thing. So for those of you who I bullied enough to read my blog, you’re welcome, because I have your next brunch day already planned, and it is at Steak 954.

So here’s the thing. Yes, they do offer Mimosas, but I promise you, if you decide to let go of being a basic bitch for just one second and order something off of their speciality Sunday cocktail menu, you will be rewarded with not just a beachside buzz, but unique, refreshing flavors. I started with the Thames Lemonade – Fords gin, dolin genepy, basil, blackberry, and lemon bitters. If I had sold this at my lemonade stand as a child, I would without a doubt be a millionaire by now and probably dining at Steak 954 daily.

Looking at this picture is like a Where’s Waldo for Jilly’s table manners, because you won’t find them anywhere. Serve me a gorgeous plate of raw seafood like this and don’t expect me to control myself. And YES, this is available on the menu every Sunday. East and west coast oysters, jumbo shrimp cocktail, ENORMOUS crab claws and lobster tails, and coconut crab and lobster ceviche. Wanna dress it up? It’s served with a champagne mignonette, spicy cocktail sauce, and a Japanese-style mustard sauce. Definitely bring a friend that you don’t plan on talking to much, because your mouth will be too full of the best raw seafood you’ve ever had to even talk. It’s actually a great way to have a bad first date – he pays and you don’t have talk, just shovel. Or am I the only one who uses that method?

This is a close up of the ceviche that comes with the Brad Pitt of all seafood platters. I previously reviewed it when I came in for dinner, so if you want the full low down, visit here.

The above photo is a shoutout to all my Fashionably Fit Fried peeps… just to show that yeah, you can get your health on too. Fresh fruit with an ocean view – your protein powder can wait.

But for the other half who know how to indulge on a Sunday – DIG IN!! Pastry Chef Sarah can throw down and will bake all the things that dreams are made of – all of them! Once you try her homemade poptarts, you’ll be hooked. The flavors that we got to sample were the S’Mores (personal fave) and Strawberry Rhubarb. We also got to sample Chocolate and Almond Croissants. My palette was most attracted to the almond croissant which was light and flaky and a perfect indulgence. But just like with choosing music or an outfit, everyone has their own preference, and you won’t know until you sample them all. I recommend not stopping until you find the one that makes you feel as good as watching your favorite actor in a topless scene. Yes, Channing Tatum, you are my long-lost poptart.

Another great way to start your meal before the main course is the Big Eye Ahi Tuna Tacos. Fresh ahi topped with guacamole, it’s a fresh, light bite (with a kick if you add some jalapeño on top). Rules were made to be broken – so celebrate Taco Tuesday on a Sunday, and make this part of your order.

And because Sundays are the only day of the week that you are ever allowed to say “YOLO,” you’ll probably need another cocktail. I recommend the Coup de Soleil, expertly blended with Hangar One straight vodka, Pamplemousse rosé, honey, and fresno chili. Refreshing with an extra kick, it definitely won’t allow you to get into food coma zone just yet, because again, You Only Live Once, and THIS is the place to live!

If there’s ever a time to order Steak & Eggs, it’s when you go to Steak 954 – it’s almost sacrilegious not to. The steak it topped with a chimmichuri sauce for that South Florida kick. It came highly recommended by our server (who by the way, was so attentive, personable and sweet – a huge plus, because when your server shines as bright as the Florida sun, it truly completes the experience), and with good reason – it was delectable in every way. Good steak is like a good man – rare, and you want to share with your friends – but it’s all yours.

I’ve already talked about these beauties at my dinner visit, but me being me, there was no way I was gonna pass up ordering their fries again.

I mean, I literally turn into the heart eyes emoji for them. The other diners at my table may have lost a few fingers when I sliced them for trying to dig in, but eventually I did share, and they all are on record as saying it was worth it.

Just like the Academy Awards, you gotta be in it for the long haul – this brunch was seemingly never-ending, but who in their right mind wants Sunday to end? So dessert is def necessary. This sample plate features (clockwise from left to right) a brownie sandwich with mint chocolate chip ice cream in the middle,a vanilla bean shortbread cookie with lemon cream ice cream in the middle, and a peanut butter cookie with honey-peanut brittle ice cream sandwiched in between plus toasted vanilla bean marshmallow and honey comb. Now I won’t twist your arm to order all three (unless you’re a Cowboys fan in my house during football season, and then I have no problem twisting, spraining, or breaking any of your limbs – just kidding – maybe…), but personally if I had to choose, my spoon kept going back for the peanut butter delight. It’s all about flavor preference, and unlike an Eagles fan during football season, you won’t be disappointed.

Brunch with a view… and beds just upstairs, if your food coma becomes serious – what more could you ask for!? Go to Steak 954 and eat the ocean – and if you’re brave enough, rock a bikini after and lay out by it!

*** I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.




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