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Tanzy is Bacon Me Hungry – And I Ain’t Mad About It.

Tanzy is Bacon Me Hungry – And I Ain’t Mad About It.

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Every girl dreams about this moment… she’s been planning it ever since she was a child. She looks at Pinterest boards. Instagram. Anything she can do just to get ideas. And she fantasizes about the day that it will finally come true. She’s met many before, but none that makes her feel this way. No one has stolen her heart. Until now. I know we’re all on the same page here. So don’t be jealous when I tell you that I’ve finally achieved that goal… of finding the bacon of my dreams.

Welcome to Tanzy‘s brunch. Read through this post and you will see how special it is. Clearly, my obsession was with the bacon, but we’ll get to that soon.

But first I gotta warm ya up a bit. Tanzy offers bottomless Mimosas, a clear brunch staple. Champagne is more than appropriate when you find the bacon you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with…

Smoked Salmon Popovers… is there any way you could pass something like this up? Of course many restaurants feature smoked salmon platters, but none of them do something as unique as to tuck them into perfectly baked popovers. If you’re looking for something that makes mornings worthwhile – trust me – this is IT. It’s the only time you’ll ever appreciate something (re:someone) flaky in South Florida.

Have fries, will travel. I always make it point to try french fries at any restaurant I go to. The more outrageous, unique, or obscene, the better. And Latke Fries definitely fits the bill of something different. They’re served with apple sauce and sour cream. Tanzy makes them expertly crisp while still maintaining a nice, soft, potatoe-y inside. Channukah came early for me on this one!

Top by Design Lab, the exclusive brand of Lord & Taylor

What you’re looking at above is one hell of a frygasm.

Fried Chicken. Waffles. Spicy Maple Syrup. This is what Tanzy offers as a brunch item. Do you like perfectly juicy chicken, with a deliciously fried coating? Paired with a fluffy waffle that makes you feel like maybe there is a meaning to life? Well take that and dip it in this syrup, and you will understand why morning exist. This dish is a plate-clearer. You won’t be able to stop, and you won’t want to.

We all search for happiness. And while I don’t know what the dictionary definition of “happiness” is, I’m pretty sure I found it. It’s the Spiced Brown Sugar Candied Bacon, and I’m gonna make a plea to all of the psychiatrists of the world to start prescribing this instead of Zoloft. It is one of the best bites I have ever had in my life. Any problem you have, this is the answer. The bacon is cooked to be crispy but not overdone, and it’s salty, sweet, and it will easily make any pessimist agree that the plate is half full. Although if I had it my way, this plate would always be 100% full. Is bottomless bacon a thing? Because I’d like it to start with this one. Yes. Yes. And all of the yesses.

My meal came with a happy ending in the form of the Monkey Bread Babka, which is baked with coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, and served with a hazelnut chocolate sauce. Look, we all hate Mondays. Sunday is the day for indulgence and ignoring the fact that you have to get back to the real world at some point. So treat yourself! THIS is the perfect way to do it.

Remember, Tanzy is connected to iPic Theaters, which has the most comfortable seating along with complimentary pillow and blanket. Perfect place to work off (or sleep off) your food hangover, as long as it’s not some lame ass romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon (sorry, but you peaked after Legally Blonde. Still iconic though). Indulge, enjoy, and don’t go bacon my heart by ignoring this suggestion.

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.



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