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How Wolfgang Steakhouse Made This Philly Girl Root For Pittsburgh

How Wolfgang Steakhouse Made This Philly Girl Root For Pittsburgh

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Cheesesteaks – crab fries – The Eagles – Boyz II Men – soft pretzels – Rocky … if there’s one thing I’m known for other than french fries, it’s living, eating and breathing Philly. When it comes to most things, we do it the BEST. Obviously we’re the king of cheesesteaks. We’re the current Superbowl CHAMPS. We’re the site of where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the first American flag was sewn. We can’t stand not being number one and that even includes once being named the number one fattest city in the U.S. And while I’ll mention once again that no one can make cheesesteaks like we do, it’s Pittsburgh that gets my vote for best steak preparation. Of course, the steak doesn’t just prepare itself; it takes a skilled chef to make that happen. Enter Wolfgang Steakhouse Miami.

Shaina from Take A Bite Out Of Boca take our food very seriously, and that includes foodie holidays. So when we realized it was National Margarita Day, our drink choice was more obvious than a Real Housewife’s Botox. You can see from the video that the view from Wolfgang is simply beautiful. As anyone who has ever dated me can tell you, food is best enjoyed when you’re looking at something pretty.:-P

One  of my favorite things about my job (lol I still gotta laugh whenever I think of this as a job) is getting massive seafood platters that I would in real life only be able to afford if I sold my belongings as well as my soul which is impossible because I’m pretty sure I sold my soul years ago for a Big Mac and a small McFlurry. Clearly my negotiating skills were underdeveloped since I didn’t even go for the large or the combo meal. ANYWAYS. THE SEAFOODS! Our platter included some of the largest jumbo shrimp I have ever encountered, succulent lump crab meat, one heck of a lobster cocktail. Just like everything on Wolfgang’s menu, it is absolutely scrumptious in its simplicity, needing not many fancy sauces other than cocktail sauce and a mustard sauce. It’s Miami – go big or go home in every way possible – you need to start your meal off with this.

Okay you immature little 6th graders, GET YO’ MIND OUT THE GUTTER! Is this the most beautiful dish to look at? No, but who’s looking at the dish when you have a beautiful view?! There were 3 words that popped out to me as soon as I saw the menu: Sizzling Canadian Bacon. And the description: “extra thick” (for those who left their minds in the gutter, have fun with that one). It was bite after bite of pure bacon heaven. I loved the char on the outside as it gave it that extra smoky flavor. You’re definitely going to want to PIG out on this one.

And now for the main attraction: a perfectly cooked medium-rare Pittsburgh-style Filet Mignon. Next time I eat steak I’m gonna bring a ruler so you guys can tell the scale of how big it is – because this baby could easily feed a family of four, or one Jilly. A few things that I have still not been able to figure out in this life: why my cat darts from room to room for no apparent reason (probably ghosts), how to keep my bank account above 0, the appeal of the Kardashians, and how chefs are able to so deliciously char a steak while still preserving the inside to pink, medium-rare perfection. This filet was so thick, with a heavenly char on the outside, and still had a pink, juicy inside – this is expert level steak.

Steak that clearly would have been lonely without a delicious side. We chose the sautéed mushrooms, which were so flavorful and fulfilling.

And obviously, this had to happen. Steak fries. No need to dress them up with truffle, parm, parsley, nothing  – these babies were also masterpiece in their simplicity. Now I understand why guys always say they like a natural looking girl – I feel the same way about fries.

If you’re looking for a beautiful cut of meat done just the way you like it and a gorgeous view, then Wolfgang Steakhouse is the way to go – and if you’re not looking for that then you are probably one of those people who puts ketchup on their steak and we can’t be friends.

***I received complimentary noms in exchange for this post, however, you cannot bribe me with food, so all opinions are my own.


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